Work With Me


Hello! Words are my passion and I live for helping fellow wordies out with their projects.


Beta Reading and Editing Services

If you’ve reached a point in your work where you are ready to move to phase 2 or even just need a sanity check I’m available to check for:

  • Grammar
  • Consistency
  • Answering the question: does everything flow up to this point?


Blog Content

Sometimes the more the merrier to add additional voices – or even more words with the same voice – to a blog, but there just aren’t enough hours in a day to take this on solo. If you need additional content I am glad to write specific pieces that maintain the sound and feel of your blog.


We’ve all been there – need help digging deep into a topic but either can’t find the time or just want a second set of eyes and I can help. Give me a whiff of what topic you’re trying to narrow down and the goal of your research and I can turn the mountain back into a mole hill. Period piece stitching to renaissance painters and beyond – I’m your research assistant.

Technical Documentation

For 15 years I wrote corporate training plans, processes and policies, and system plans for large teams and organizations. I am more than ready to take a more personal approach in the way I look at technical documentation for smaller teams. If you’ve been struggling to manage large scale technical documents I’d love to step in and see what I can do to make this a smoother process for you either by reviewing what you’ve put together or starting from scratch to build something that can grow with you.


I use theĀ current Writer’s Market to provide fair pricing – if you are looking to work with me for any of the above services please email me to discuss pricing in more detail.