Week Two – Latest Thoughts and New Understandings

It has been a hectic couple of weeks already on this whirlwind ride of understanding what my goals are, and what I am looking for from my blog. Let’s just say you can’t expect to put pen to paper, er… hands to keyboard, and run with it. I’ve considered myself a writer for going on two decades, and I have to say this is the first time the written word has stumped me – some would say the spoken word as well, but luckily that doesn’t apply here.

I am slowly understanding what I am looking for moving forward and what I am hoping to share with all of you. As I think about this it is currently snowing outside, and the first thing that comes to mind is curling up in bed with a good book. Since it is Sunday night and already getting late I will not give in because I know I will tell myself “just one more chapter” until I finish the book and Monday mornings not only arrive faster than any other morning, they are also the busiest. I think instead I will promise myself cracking the spine on the next chapter tomorrow if I can wrap everything up early enough and plan for next week to have an overview pulled together of the book both from my perspective as a reader and a writer.

Feel free to mention a book in the comments you’d like an overview of – I’m always looking for new things to read, and I’d love to start a discussion with you all.

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