Being Inspired


I have been hesitant about blogging but wanting to dive in for some time now and while there are some sites out there that I have found inspiration helping to move me forward, my class was the final shove to push me out of my comfort zone, a shove to try something new. The result from that shove is this blog. When I consider what it is about the blogs I follow I realize that I admire their personal resolve, their desire to build something from their blog either to help others or their intensity that comes through in their posts.

Susan Hyatt

I discovered Susan through another blog I have been following for a few years, and her posts always leave me looking for ways I can do more with my own goals. Her primary focus on her blogs are ways to see things in a new light, whether it is business tips, marketing plans, or just ways to take on a new attitude. As a certified life coach, she has the credentials to know what she is talking about, but her words make me feel less like she is telling her readers what we are doing wrong and more like she is saying “yep, been there, done that”. You just feel comfortable reading her words and trusting them.

Paul Jarvis

Paul is a writer, blogger, podcaster – he gets computers, and building web pages. This is someone I follow who I happened on accidentally, not really looking for someone who gets computers – but instead I found someone who talks about life, business, perspective and makes me look forward to his posts each week that he calls the Sunday Dispatch. His newsletter shows up as both a weekly podcast and later as an article on his web page, the words in this newsletter talk about how to build a better business, and sometimes there is very little about business in his weekly share – but I always gain a better perspective, and this makes following his posts well worthwhile.

Alexandra Franzen

I have been following Alex the longest, and I look forward to her posts with an eagerness I didn’t realize was possible for a weekly email. When I read her posts, I gain an optimism I didn’t realize I was avoiding. She shares an enthusiasm for life and positivity that never feels forced and always helps me gain a perspective that I can do anything if I work at it hard enough. Her posts are focused on helping writers, or anyone really, that maybe needs to gain a new perspective. As a writer, and a writing coach, her words help people to understand that sometimes starting small is a big step, and that’s ok.

Sarah Von Bargen or her page

Sarah is both witty and reliably realistic – she does website reviews for ways to help you make a better page and talks about getting better with money and breaking bad habits. While this all sounds like an odd combination she does it pretty well and doesn’t beat around the bush about any topic she chooses to broach with her readers. Sarah offers e-courses in some of the more consistent topics – most often money and happiness – and although I have not (at least not yet) signed up for any of her courses, I appreciate what she has to say in her regular posts and look forward to the insight she provides that helps me look at the idea that maybe I don’t need to be a millionaire to realize success, I just have to take the steps on my own path.

I have also found a few Peer Blogs that have helped inspire me recently, seeing how we are all reacting to the same assignments and our different approaches to it.

Balance, Darling Kim lets us know how it is still important to understand that we all need balance, and she speaks to this in such a conversational tone that makes it comforting to read and understand that we all need to make it make sense.

Babbling Brooke Brooke’s posts help to remind me that we’re all busy, and sometimes we struggle, but we’re also learning and figuring things out and it’s exciting to see where we all will go.

Blogging Beginner Jessica is up front about her journey and helps to outline the steps that we all need to go on and reading her posts helps to show we are all finding the same struggles.

The different pages here help me to realize that I personally appreciate an honest, up front approach to life, and the many different things we are all faced with as we struggle to figure it all out. Sometimes we get it, and sometimes we need a gentle reminder that we aren’t going it alone – I like to know that while their words can help me, maybe my words can help too.

4 thoughts on “Being Inspired

  1. Love how you used individual blogs for your inspiration! The personal approach, being able to relate to ‘someone’ does seem to make the articles and content much more conversational. Found on the large communities it can get to be difficult to identify with. Thank you for the shout out! Excited to learn and grow our blogs together!

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    • I agree, forums and communities run the risk of feeling too big, but every once in awhile you find a gem. I’m excited by what we have already learned and looking forward to what comes next. Thanks!


  2. I enjoyed reading your blog posts because you help me understand I am not the only one struggling to write a new post each week. I always thought people who wrote blogs had it easy and I am finding out there is a lot more thought behind them I thought. The Blog you posted from Sarah I found to be very interesting.

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