Blogging About Vlogging – What the What?

pexels-photo-851213.jpegThere comes a point where technology dives forward beyond where we are – please note I say this as a person who has been part of the technology age my entire life and yet still carries a fountain pen and leather bound notebook for inspiration – but once the technology surpasses us we have to decide, keep up or fall behind? This week I’d like to take a look at the world of vlogging – video blogging – and how that not only ties into my world of reading and writing, but actually manages to continue to inspire the creativity of the written word.

In researching vlogging I discovered the site Vimeo which is essentially YouTube but for the creative market. I am oversimplifying – to be more precise, Vimeo is like YouTube in the sense that it uses similar technology to host video sharing and Vimeo even has the capability of sharing videos to the better known video sharing giant. A primary difference between the two is that Vimeo has different user account tiers ranging from free basic accounts to premier accounts that have monthly fees required. The elevated accounts have additional capabilities that enable the best features – special social media sharing and storage capabilities – but the basic account works very similar to some of YouTube’s more basic features as well.

I discovered a vlogger in Vimeo’s search log that I felt resonated with me – a lot of her videos that are currently posted are for an event called Universe in Verse. Since I find myself drawn to the written word this has a special pull for me. The poster – Maria Popova – is also the editor of the page and her joy of poetry and authors comes through in her videos where she focuses on these areas and has the added assistance of some well known media personalities help her promote books and poetry. The first video I came across was Brandon Stanton (the guy who is responsible for the amazingly inspiring Humans of New York photos) reading a poem from John Updike. These inspiring and uplifting words are being read by people who also inspire and uplift and Maria is showcasing this on her channel.

Another video – really the video that led me to Maria – “7 Things I Learned in 7 Years of Reading, Writing, and Living”  comes from an essay that Maria wrote that talks about the importance of seven things and while this was not specifically in reference to writing, it is in line with my own desire to focus on things that are more important than money and approval of others, and I am glad that this video led me to find an incredibly inspiring person. I look forward to seeing what else she puts out there as well as what I can learn from her.

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