Networking Professionally through Social Media – Not an oxymoron …


This week I’ve been thinking all about how utilizing professional networks helps with building brands and careers. This is not something I have spent much time thinking about – at least not with regards to my dream of writing or my love of books. I have used things like LinkedIn to help me with my professional network with my current full time job in computers, and now I am seeing how I can use this same resource on my path to being a writer.

LinkedIn offers a plethora of groups and organizations that you can follow to learn and understand trends in different fields – this is insanely helpful with understanding what an editor might be looking for (this is specific to me, but you may find yourself wanting to know what is needed for a dental hygienist career … to each their own). If you happen to find writing as interesting as I do, here are some pages I found this week and placed a request to join:

  1. Writer’s Digest I found by doing a search for a writing magazine I regularly read – ­Writer’s Digest and was pleasantly surprised to find that they do indeed have a group page on LinkedIn. This magazine and the professional group focus on inspiring and educating writers in everything from how to get published to how to overcome the stress of being a professional writer.
  2. Professionals of the Creative felt like a good resource from users in the creative sphere as it seeks to bring together personnel of a creative mindset from writing and theater to marketing and science and everything in between. Because this page also mentions educators I felt that it would be a good resource in both my writing and my teaching.
  3. Magazine Editors Network is a place for editors to share fears or concerns, to network and get career advice from other professionals. This group seemed like a good place to be able to see first hand what other people in positions like what I might want to consider are going through and gain insight from their experiences.
  4. Freelance Writers Group is for both writers and organizations that hire and work with freelance writers. The idea behind this group is to help encourage people to write a wide range of material that includes both technical and non-technical materials.

Using LinkedIn is just one way to build a professional network, and in addition to using LinkedIn I have started using the new app Shapr. While Shapr has the feel of a dating app it allows people to connect professionally and gives users the ability to link both social and professional media sites to the profile page. It’s still new and I haven’t quite worked all the kinks out – I’ll have to get back to you on just how helpful it really is.


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