If Nothing Held You Back, Where Would You Go?


It’s spring time in the Rockies, the plants are starting to blossom and our weather is back and forth unsure of what it wants to do from one day to the next, and that dramatic shift in the weather makes me think about how much can change over the course of a few months. In this case two months.

Over the course of the last two months I have been dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century of technology use, and pulled out of my quiet comfort zone where I didn’t have to talk to people I didn’t know.

And two months ago I started sharing my thoughts with you on this blog, and that has blossomed from the snows of winter and my uncertainty about what I was going to talk about here into a bright and sunny spring with podcasts on Anchor, and a video on YouTube. This has been pretty exciting and certainly farther than I thought I would get in this short of a time period.

When I showed my kiddos that I had created a YouTube channel and posted that video they were impressed, so impressed that my oldest daughter announced she was going to go to school and tell all of her friends that her mom was a famous YouTuber! I told her maybe to dial it back because 29 video views did not equal YouTube fame – her response? You’re famous to me. So maybe it isn’t the big steps, and maybe it doesn’t have to equal fame and fortune, but if you can inspire even just yourself with what you can accomplish then you have inspired someone.

When we let ourselves step outside of our bubble and embrace the unknown we can make some pretty great things happen. Often it is our own negativity that stops us from going forward. Take a moment and think about what you can produce in two months. Is this something you can see yourself doing? I know that I didn’t, but I am glad I kept going because now I do, and as I look forward to the next two months I am wondering how much more can I do now that I know I can?

While I can’t promise myself that I will continue to broaden my social networking horizons – that social interaction stuff is still pretty scary! – I can promise that I won’t shy away from the new quite so vehemently.

I want to spend the next several months building even more, taking more chances that will open new doors and help introduce me to new ideas. These next few months will hopefully turn into years, and when I think about things at that scale – I get a little nervous. But with what I know now, I also get a little excited.

Hopefully we’ll see these next few years together.


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