To Our Mothers and the Lessons They Gave Us


This week I want to start by saying Happy Mother’s Day to all of the wonderful, amazing  moms – some I have the great pleasure of knowing and others that I don’t know but you should know that you are special too.

As a result, today I have been thinking quite a bit about motherhood; my own journey, the journey of the women in my life who have struggled to become mothers, either because they could not have children of their own or because they had a long and winding journey of motherhood change them – and the passionate and inspiring journey of mothers everywhere.

This morning my youngest gave me a card that had been torn when she was writing in it, in her excitement she tore the card and she and dad had to work some emergency card surgery. In the envelope was a darling card held together with medical tape – but I didn’t see this until they pointed it out because the important thing wasn’t even the card, but the fact that my little girl took a few minutes out of her morning to prepare this special thing for me to thank me for being her mommy. I have tears coming to my eyes just thinking about it – it was pretty sweet – and I got to have a great moment to share with her a story of my own mother’s day debacle when I was about the same age. The lesson – my mother taught me then as I hope I taught my daughter today that it isn’t the gift that matters, but the thought that went into the gift. If she had put in her hard work to show me that she loved me who was anyone to say that the gift was worth less because it was held together with a little tape? And perhaps, years from now, when I pull this card out of the box there will be a memory that goes with it.

We are not all born knowing how to handle each situation, and solutions to things are not a one size fits all – but perhaps in these tiny loving moments we can learn something that will surpass the moment and carry us through tough moments later on. This lesson helped me make my daughter feel better about her present for me, but it also helps me see that we shouldn’t expect to have our first efforts be the best. We have to keep at it. This might mean coloring outside of the lines, or even holding a card together with medical tape, and knowing that our hardest work is good enough for today. Tomorrow, and the next day, we can keep getting better.

Today, of all days, I want to take the time to let all of our mothers know that we held on to the lessons they taught us – even if they seemed very small. These lessons will be what help us to continue to grow, and see things in new ways.

Thank you, mom.

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