Everyone Has a Story Worth Knowing

Type type type. Backspace furiously. Type a few more words and backspace again. This is my normal mode of operations on Sundays. I usually have an idea, or two or three, throughout the week about what I will… Read More

The Old Adage Knowledge is Power – Unfortunately Still Can’t Beat the Power of the Dollar…

There has been a lot of buzz about the Forbes article with regards to the idea that Amazon bookstores should replace local libraries. If you haven’t already read the article, the link to it is here. To me,… Read More

Find Yourself, Be Amazing

Have you ever looked at someone and been amazed at how focused or driven they are and wondered why you aren’t? Maybe it’s less about being like that person and more understanding yourself, how you work, and knowing… Read More

Knowing Your Reality and What’s in Your Glass

I’ve been thinking quite a bit about personality this week. And attitude. The different ways that our personalities affect our attitude, and vice versa. I often refer to myself as an optimistic realist. Instead of a glass half… Read More

Do You Ever Find Yourself Wishing You Had More Time?

Depending on where you are summer is already reaching the halfway mark. Parents are starting to get notices from the school about supply lists and teacher assignments. Kids are beginning the yearly “can’t wait to go back, don’t… Read More