Do You Ever Find Yourself Wishing You Had More Time?

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Depending on where you are summer is already reaching the halfway mark. Parents are starting to get notices from the school about supply lists and teacher assignments. Kids are beginning the yearly “can’t wait to go back, don’t want summer to be over” back and forth. College students who take the summer off may be preparing for the fall classes – registration, ordering books, mentally psyching themselves up for the hard work ahead. I’m doing a little bit of all of these things. The summer is my time to unwind and spend time with the family and already I am seeing the end of it, and trying to prepare for wishing I had more … time.

That’s it, isn’t it? What we all do? After a certain age, no matter what stage you are at in life, you always wish there was more time available. The young are eagerly wishing those hours away, and those of us that have spent a little more time on the planet are shaking our heads trying to warn them. They won’t listen, our own youth tells us this, but we try anyway.

Let’s take a moment and instead of trying to cling to time – as futile as trying to catch air with our fingers – and just be. Instead of worrying what isn’t getting done focus on what is getting done. Did you get your story written today? No. What did you do with that time instead? If it was creating new memories with someone special then you can safely rest assured that the day wasn’t wasted. If you worried the day away over how many more hours you needed to be able to complete something then you will continue to do that tomorrow, and many tomorrows after.

Take time. It’s fleeting, and always gone quicker than we expect, but that is the one thing you can count on. Time will always be charging forward. Don’t hold on to the moments that you missed out on, instead charge forward for the moments you can still forge. The actions that you can still be proud you took. If nothing else, live. Time can only hold you back if you let it. Keep in the back of your mind that time is man-made, and your worry over it is too.

Make this year the year we don’t wish for more time, let’s instead see this year as the year we make the most of the time we have. If you find that you have more on your plate than you feel you can manage, realize that you are not alone. There are so many of us out there wearing many hats, and sometimes you just need to remember that. Whatever hat you are wearing as this summer starts to grow shorter, know that it doesn’t have to be put away once the summer ends, instead keep it hanging on the hook by the door, ready to be put on at a moment’s notice. This year, let’s take time back.

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