Knowing Your Reality and What’s in Your Glass

four champagne flutes with assorted color liquids


I’ve been thinking quite a bit about personality this week. And attitude. The different ways that our personalities affect our attitude, and vice versa.

I often refer to myself as an optimistic realist. Instead of a glass half full or half empty, I am very glad that there is anything in my glass and understand that realistically my perception of the glass is impacted by the world around it. I am solely responsible for whether there is anything in my glass or not.

I see myself as someone who hopes for the best, but I understand that realistically that is not always the case. Realism, however, might be different for different people. Ultimately, realism is the process of accepting things that have happened and being ready to deal with those things. How willing we are to accept the outcome as it is, and how prepared we are in dealing with it is going to depend heavily on our personality, which will then inform our attitude.

Outside input like a bad day or bad interaction with someone might result in a negative attitude, but ultimately our personality will find us resuming our normal attitude in no time at all. If you are someone that has a sunny disposition then this is less difficult, but, if you find yourself having a hard time seeing past the negative then it’s important to acknowledge this about yourself so that you can see it coming and react to it appropriately. Regardless of your personality, knowing yourself and how you feel about things will make it easier to tackle the difficult things and keep your footing moving forward.

Knowing my personality makes me realize that it is my call in how I react to things. I determine the outcome of my emotions, and no one else is responsible for my feelings. I can get angry, but someone else’s actions do not make me angry. I have to take ownership for these feelings so that I can better navigate what to do with them, and also so that I can better navigate how my interactions with people might go. I can’t be upset if someone won’t hear my thoughts on something if I always react negatively to things before hearing them out.

The ability to react well to critique goes hand in hand with the idea of knowing our personality. If we react poorly to outside opinions like critique or reviews then it makes it difficult for others to work with us, and makes it difficult for us to overcome the things that hold us back, and even more difficult for us to find our way going forward.

Be aware of your personality, understand how it informs your attitude, and understand how your attitude affects the world you live in. Once you accomplish that you make everything else seem that much easier by comparison.

Remember the glass – half empty, half full, it doesn’t matter, because you always decide what’s in your glass.

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