Find Yourself, Be Amazing

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Have you ever looked at someone and been amazed at how focused or driven they are and wondered why you aren’t? Maybe it’s less about being like that person and more understanding yourself, how you work, and knowing what brings everything into focus for you.

Some people are like the Bishop piece in chess, moving diagonally with single-minded focus across the board as far as it needs to go. Other people perhaps more like the Knight, only able to move in L-shaped motions, or the pawn that can only take one step at a time. These pieces are no less important in the game, each piece has a purpose and supports the end goal. Telling yourself to be more like someone else, to have someone else’s determination and drive or focus doesn’t make it easier to accomplish things. In fact, it makes it more difficult because your mind doesn’t work like theirs. You have to find your own way in order to be truly successful.

Finding your way isn’t always easy – some people wake up in the morning and know how the day will play out, while other’s stumble through the morning routine unsure of what each moment will bring. Both of these people have the potential to be incredibly successful, but they have to believe that they can be successful. An organized person thrives on stability, organization, knowing what each moment brings – they would not do well in an unknown situation and would definitely not be the person I would want to send in to deal with the unknown. Someone who is driven by change and the need to be in less structured environments would succeed in the unknown but might be held back with plans and outlines.

Know yourself and know how far you are willing to compromise to meet someone else’s needs. Use this knowledge to help find your way to the right work styles. Once you understand this about yourself it can impact not only your work methods, but how you look at all interactions with other people. Knowing the priorities helps to adjust the focus to important things at work and in your personal life.

Understanding different people helps us to realize that we can’t follow the same path as someone successful – their path to success is not necessarily ours. We have to find our own way. That path might mean laying outlines for something you are working on, to clearly see what the story might hold, or letting each scene come to you on a whim. Neither person is less successful. Neither person’s way is better or worse. You have to know yourself. Understand what works for you. And then follow through.

At the end of the day it’s the follow through that holds us back or pushes us forward. If you understand how you work best, and you can see what path you should be on, then you have to take that first step. You will never know how far you can get if you don’t take the first step, no one else’s path can show that to you. Only your path can.

No one can show you this path. Only you can find it. And only if you know what you are looking for.

Find your path, know yourself, be amazing.

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