Don’t Let Small Successes Feel Like Failure

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The last week has been a whirlwind of activity: kids getting ready for back to school, shifting our summer morning routines back to the early morning school year routines none of us are fond of, trying to cram as many activities into the Saturday and Sunday hours as possible (and failing). Seems like after the many years of doing this we’d have it all better planned out, but that does not seem to be the case. I envy those that seem to have it all figured out – the bowl of lemons on the counter displayed to perfection kind of people.

If you are one of those people congratulations, I honestly and sincerely envy you.

When I was younger I had dreams of being organized to the finest point, knowing where every item was with my eyes closed. A blind person would have been able to comfortably navigate my dream space without Daredevil special abilities. The reality of my life kicked in and while I would never go back to change any of it, I do wonder at what point I lost control of the organization. At what point the chaos set in.

With all of that being said, it’s amazing that with all of our activities and plans I am finding time to write this weekly post. I had so many other writing goals for this year that I am seeing become less and less likely will be accomplished. This can be a frustrating (and admittedly depressing) realization. Where did the extra time go? That abundance of sand in the summer hour glass that is suddenly nearing the end, and none of the projects anywhere near the level of completeness I had promised myself in May.

I could sit here and really let myself have it. I probably need to hold myself accountable, and surely that means there needs to be some sort of action that goes along with my failure to follow through. However, in all reality, negative reactions don’t necessarily provide the kind of response that will lead to me completing my goals next year.

Instead, I need to stop and acknowledge the things I did manage to accomplish in the last several months. Identify where my successes happened, and see where the patterns are that I might be able to replicate to have more successes.

The reality is that last year I was researching blogs and how to create one; this year I made it happen. Small steps are still successes. It’s knowing this and continuing to push on that make us continue to be successful.

Next year maybe my podcast that has fallen to the side will be my next focus, getting to build it up into what I really want it to be. And maybe at this point next summer I will have another success to add to the list.

Don’t let your small success feel like failure. Acknowledge it for the triumph it is. Celebrate the accomplishment. Use that win to keep pushing forward.

Believe in yourself.

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