A Journey of Character, Overdue Goodbyes, and Heroes With Flaws

I’ve been maybe avoiding writing the review for this book. Not because it isn’t good. Perhaps more because it opens doors to truths I wasn’t sure I was ready to acknowledge, and that’s a sign of a very… Read More

Some Planning, Some Shiny Distractions, Some New News

Yesterday was the autumnal equinox – which is my absolute favorite way to say this – and with the changing of the season we often see ourselves looking at what we can change in our day to day…. Read More

Now That You Know You Can

Friday has come, and Friday has gone, but I DID IT!! I made my deadline, created my submission account on Writer’s Digest, and submitted my short story. My first piece that is going to be read by someone… Read More

Reaching the Finish Line

This is it, coming into the final stretch of my goal – submit 4,000 words (or less) to a short story competition. Am I going to make it? Yes! A loud, and resounding yes. I still have some… Read More

The Importance of Following Through (even just for yourself)

I want to start this week by saying … I DID IT! 4,000 words (well 4,079 words, actually) completed. I finally finished an entire project. Since this has been the hardest part for me I have to say… Read More