When Life Gets in the Way

black claw hammer on brown wooden plank

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Some weeks are easy, we have all the time in the world and things line up perfectly. We don’t struggle with goals, and there are no obstacles that keep us from moving forward. But what about the weeks that things don’t go quite as smoothly? What do we do when life gets in the way?

Life doesn’t wait for us to be ready, and sometimes it is easy to let things get set on the back burner while we deal with the world around us. Sometimes the priority has to be the greater world that we belong to. When that happens you have to know that it’s okay. The back burner will still be there when you come back, whenever that may be.

Sometimes we worry that we will be gone too long dealing with important things that maybe the time has passed. That maybe we missed that opportunity. That isn’t the case – you can always go back to your work. It may have changed a bit while you were away. Maybe you were working on a lighthearted comedy, but now you find that your characters can’t quite laugh like they used to. Don’t be afraid to let things change, keep going with it. That’s the story your brain needs to tell now.

When life gets in the way go with it, let it take you on its winding path, breathe in the moment, and don’t worry about what waits for you when you come back.

I am speaking from experience a bit, this week I’m riding the life train – next week I hope to have some podcast news updates. We’ll play this by ear, because I don’t know if life will be quite done with me by then.

In the meantime I’d love to hear about projects that took a different turn after your own journey with life – did it get better with a new perspective, or do you feel like it changed so much you didn’t recognize the original work? Let me know, either in the comments or feel free to contact me directly through the contact page or via email: hsellers@heather-sellers.com

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