NaNoWriMo Week Two – Recap

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Welcome to NaNoWriMo week 3!

I am definitely feeling frustrated with my progress this week. Every time I have sat down to write I have felt like I’ve done far more staring at a blank computer screen than actual writing. So much so that my protagonist who is also a writer has also been staring at a blank screen, frustrated with her own writing struggles.

I’ve continued entering my word count daily, and so far my week’s stats looked like this:

  • Monday, November 5th – 125 words (Studiously working on Chapter 5)
  • Tuesday, November 6th- 230 words (Studiously working on Chapter 5)
  • Wednesday, November 7th- 444 words (Studiously working on Chapter 5)
  • Thursday, November 8th- 70 words (Studiously working on Chapter 5)
  • Friday, November 9th- 131 words (Finished Chapter 5)
  • Saturday, November 10th- 351 words (Working on Chapter 6)
  • Sunday, November 11th- 123 words (Initial Count – Working on Chapter 6 – skipped ahead to work some on Chapter 9)

I have shared some of my frustrations with friends that are also participating this year, and while I have not found a magical way to get my focus in place I did get some great perspective. One person pointed out that even if she doesn’t complete the 50,000 words in November she is going to continue to write every day through December. She is determined to build a good habit with her writing and this has inspired me. It’s not when we finish, but knowing that we will finish!

I may not be super happy with the last week’s progress but I’m already gearing myself up for next week. If you’re participating how are things going for you? I’d love to hear about your experience with NaNoWriMo. Let me know, either in the comments or feel free to contact me directly through the contact page or via email:

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