Thoughts and Reflections for the New Year

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We have taken our first steps into the new year, and I have started looking at all that means. New Goals for the new year. Reflection on last year. Making an active choice for how I set the tone for 2019.

My last post of 2018 talked about success and failure, and how to see success in accomplishments, even if they don’t seem like it. I followed my last post up by taking the end of 2018 off to focus on family time, and to reflect on what I felt about the last year. To really think about how I could build on my successes to have more accomplishments, more successes, in 2019. Ultimately I decided that I ended 2018 with a positive outlook and I want to make sure I bring that in to the new year.

I have found that goal planning sometimes manages to open the door to negativity, to stress, and that is something that I really needed to take the time to think about what was causing this reaction. In order to break that down I want to share what my original goals looked like versus what I finally settled on.

My original goal was very simple. Write 250 words a day, every day. For 365 days. I thought this would be an easily accomplished goal, and at first I was feeling good about it. Then I took the last weeks of the year off of everything and began to doubt if that was a big enough goal to really challenge me.

Because, for me, a goal should not just be able to be completed, it also needs to push me to do more, to grow and really discover what I can do. And this wasn’t doing that.

After some careful meditation, I realized that not only did I need a challenge, and to show myself what I was capable of, I also need to take on projects that would capture my interest.

My new goals removed the 250 words per day – and added in articles, blog posts, and book reviews. I have things I’d like to make happen – more short stories, continue to work on my novel from November’s NaNoWriMo, and getting my podcast back on track – but these are the above and beyond accomplishments, and not the front and center spotlights of what I want to accomplish this year.

After changing my focus I sat down and chose how many articles and book reviews to write, and decided that at a minimum I want to do six of each. I have already selected topics for research and I’m excited for what is coming. I’m also looking at new book release lists for books coming out this year and I’ve already selected a few that are outside of my normal reading list which will introduce me to new authors and new topics.

The new goals made me feel better about where I was starting out in the new year, and I am looking forward to what’s coming.

If you’re willing, I’d love to hear about how you have done with your own goals – past and present. Let me know, either in the comments or feel free to contact me directly through the contact page or via email:


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