Pondering Editing and Rewriting

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I’m currently firmly in the grip of the unfinished project. Sounds a bit like the title of a penny dreadful, or a scary story from childhood, or even an old school mystery novel. Although, the plot isn’t quite as interesting as any of those stories – more it’s me stumbling through my own project that I started back in November and now I’m trying to get myself back on task.

If only there were a sleuth-like protagonist to come along and sort out the clues and set me back on the right path. (Note – I am used to doing the sleuthing, so I guess I need to don my own detective’s cap and get a move on.)

If I’m being honest I know exactly why I am avoiding progressing forward with this story, and no deep dive for clues is required. I have stumbled across the realization that my series with the first person point of view is going to need to be transitioned to third person. It’s not an aesthetic choice either, it’s fairly integral to getting the correct elements of the story across. And it’s very frustrating that I wrote a good chunk of the first book before I realized this.

I have to admit that it started out easy to add in some new chapters – and was even a little fun starting to get the new details pulled together. I was getting to discover new parts of the story. Then it came time to start rewriting the existing chapters. Oh the dreaded rewrite.

And I am still muddling through. Although now it’s at a much slower and more frustrated pace.

As a result I have been shifting my focus to new projects that have a much more clear beginning and end to work towards. I can’t help but find that I am annoyed with myself for not diving further into the rewrites, for letting distractions easily pull me away to other activities.

I have spent the last week trying to come up with an effective plan to getting my edits done, and I am going to let myself focus on some of the shinier distractions through February and let March be my rewrites month. And I am not going to let myself get overwhelmed, and keep it to an hour a day of rewrites and edits so I stay supercharged to keep powering through. This schedule is realistic and still leaves me with plenty of time to focus on the articles, blog posts, and other activities that are happening.

Ultimately, at the end of the day I want to make sure that I’m still having fun with the characters, that I don’t start to dread the time I spend with them. I have a lot of stories of theirs to tell, and it would be a shame if I burn out too early on.

I’d love to hear about your own editing processes. Let me know, either in the comments or feel free to contact me directly through the contact page or via email: hsellers@heather-sellers.com

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