Knowing When is Half the Battle

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It has been said (by any number of people at this point, but starting with Heraclitus – that old Greek so and so) that the only constant is change. It is interesting that no matter how long ago this was said, we still fight against it. Can change really be positive?

Some people change their hair, or personal style any number of times in a week. Some people are uncomfortable changing any aspect of their routines for fear of what might happen as a result. How you feel about change can be an obstacle, or a chance to branch out and see things from a new perspective.

Consider that project you’ve been working on, you know the one. The one you’ve been struggling with for the last few weeks. It’s been sticking its tongue out at you while you pull your hair out in attempts to figure out how to get that character from point A to point B. Oh wait, that’s my project.

Well, with that sorted out … If you are finding trouble with any of your own projects, consider if you could change any of your processes. Would that make a difference? I know that making changes can add some stress – which I certainly found when I realized that I have to change my first person narrative to third person POV. Hours of work that has led to the very minor complaints above. Okay – maybe not so minor whining, but it should be considered that I did realize some important things with this change that made the story much better.

Knowing when to make a change is the biggest hurdle to get through. Once you accomplish that you can identify what to do to have the best outcome. Be it in your writing, or considering a new job, or just when to buy a new sofa.

Do you have a fear of change? Have you found things that you have changed that made a positive difference? Feel free to let me know, either in the comments or contact me directly through the contact page or via email:

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