Hitting a Crossroads

photo of pathway surrounded by fir trees

Photo by James Wheeler on Pexels.com

What do I want to be when I grow up? It’s not really a question you should be asking yourself as an adult, we assume we got it all sorted out when we were still kids. And in many ways that’s true. It’s just sometimes we have to figure out how to get there.

When I was a kid it was not realistic to assume I could make a living writing. Everyone said so. So instead of sitting down and pounding out my ideas (we had a word processor at the time, maybe I would have been allowed to type stories on it, more realistically though, I was sitting in a corner with a pencil and scraps of paper from a school notebook), I was trying to decide on something that would be a “real” career that wasn’t housewife, school teacher, or nurse. I was battling the dreaded “d” word (domesticity) long before it was considered cool and these were the careers that struck a terror into my heart that left me awake most nights.

That was where I hit a road block. I didn’t have any idea what I was good at, or should focus on outside of reading, writing, and imagining things.  I had a highly active imagination as a child – that never really stopped, but I still couldn’t imagine a career that I fit into.

Fast forward a few years, past middle school and into high school. I still had no idea what the adult years held. No plans for college beyond basic core classes. I managed to graduate early, and just found myself working retail job after retail job, thinking maybe some kind of store manager was where I imagined my path taking off.

A few years later I woke up, a little, and found myself working an office position, that led to a higher office position, and somewhere in all of it I managed to get through college and land myself in a position I was somewhat good at. I wasn’t in love with it, but it paid well and I was told in all performance reviews that I was talented, a real go-getter, and had a promising and bright future.

Should have felt amazing, I found my thing. That thing I excelled at and paid the bills with.

It didn’t. It did nothing to make me feel like I was living my best life.

This brings us to present day – I am finally taking steps to realize that writing is a real option. I might have to work harder because I waited so long to get started, but that’s what led me to start writing this blog almost a year ago.

Hopefully no one else has to feel like they can’t see writing or creativity as a realistic career. If they do, hopefully anything I say here helps. Or at least helps with what not to do, eh?

If you feel up to sharing your journey in your creative endeavors I’d love to hear about it. Feel free to let me know, either in the comments or contact me directly through the contact page or via email: hsellers@heather-sellers.com

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