Spring is in the Air

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Spring is right around the corner and for me it felt a bit like it was in the air today. With the springtime we think of things like new beginnings, and what kind of hope is carried in with that mindset. This past week words like “Snowmageddon” and “bomb cyclone” have hit the news and that makes it hard to believe that spring will soon be sprung, but I am already looking forward to it being here very soon.

When I think about springtime, I consider the melt of snow and ice, fresh grass and new leaves on trees. I think about the new litters of baby bunnies, or tiny birds gingerly peaking from the side of their nests for the first time. I think about hope. I think about fresh starts.

The pessimistic side of myself (I fondly refer to this side of me as the dredges of my winter self) likes to point out that new beginnings doesn’t do much for completing projects. That I still have a large stack of things left undone from last year. If you are torn between appreciating the smell of spring and diving into something fresh and holding yourself back because you aren’t sure you’re ready to take on something new I want to offer one piece of advice. Don’t hold back. Tell your winter negativity to embrace the warmth of new projects and consider how much a new project can breathe fresh life into that project hovering on the back burner.

On the flip side – the spring brings with it a series of distractions that we don’t consider until the sun beckons us outside for the long hours that it stays high up in the sky. It’s easier to find things to do that take us away from our desk and into the fresh air and that can make it very difficult to find time to write. At least when I’m home bound due to snow and the chilly weather I can feel the draw of my laptop to create something.

This spring I really want to make myself focus on the goals I set in January and not let myself become distracted by the call of the great outdoors. I’m not quite sure yet what the plan is to avoid the intrusions on my writing time, but I feel determined to stick to the plan (or as close to it as possible, considering all those concerns that come with best laid plans).

I’d love to hear your thoughts on how you delve into creative efforts and avoid distractions in the spring. Feel free to let me know, either in the comments or contact me directly through the contact page or via email: hsellers@heather-sellers.com

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