Support Networks Make All the Difference

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Sometimes a confidence boost comes in the strangest forms – but if you think about it, really think about it, it makes perfect sense.

Today my daughter realized I have a YouTube channel. It’s been one year since my one and only video was posted (part of a class assignment at the time) and I had a popup to show me the “memory” from when I’d shared the link with my social media. Seeing this my daughter (who is enamored with YouTubers) was thrilled and asked if I’d let her be a guest on my show.

I haven’t considered making another video, not really. It was a lot of work, and I was a basket case of nervous energy the whole time we were making it. Yet, somehow, her excitement has me considering dusting off the channel, drawing up a new story board,  and saying “Lights, Camera, Action!” one more time.

I shouldn’t be so surprised that my offspring could say things that would make me feel inspired to do something creative. The sad truth? It’s more that I needed the confidence boost more than I realized, because I wasn’t really sure that I believed I had it in me. I’ve been pulling away from all of my projects, shoving them all into the proverbial brain vault, and her words I think saved them – because she was so excited I was making something it reminded me that it’s not just me these projects are important to.

Whether you have little ones who look up to your for following your dreams, or have a charming scamp of a cat that likes to drive you crazy by walking across your keyboard, a pup that is constantly underfoot while trying to put the finish touches on a painting, or even a neighbor that thinks it’s amazing the efforts you constantly put in – know that it’s important to realize that there is someone out there that believes in you (even when you have forgotten).


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