Getting a Handle on the Week …

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In every aspect of my life I am a hardcore planner. Except in my writing. I just naturally gravitate away from the in depth detailed plotting that I would expect to just be part of who I am.

Every Sunday night I think to myself – next week I’m going to be more prepared for my blog posts. On Monday I make a note to write a couple blog posts ahead of time. By Tuesday I have gotten sidetracked by life and that idea has been slid to the back burner. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday go by and I still haven’t ironed out those pesky details.

Saturday morning the thought flits through my mind and I think, “oh yeah, I’ll do that tonight, be super prepared for tomorrow.” Then we get to Sunday night, and it’s the same tired routine – “Oh Heather, you really have to plan better.” Because I often have these conversations out loud. With myself.

I should explain, I plan everything. Everything. From what day to buy toilet paper, to what to have for dinner. The calendar by the kitchen is covered with every activity, my office knows easily six months in advance what my vacation plans are.  Yet, each year since I have had children I find that I plan less and less, leaving more of the daily routine to chance.

There is a freedom to this way of life. There is a bit of anxiety in it too.

I am lucky I don’t operate on deadlines, but I keep thinking if I actually get to a place where writing becomes the primary focus I need to be better about setting and meeting deadlines. Well, either that or accept that it might be harder to get paid.

This time next week I will be agonizing over the blog post. I am also starting classes again next Monday. One more thing to plan – or procrastinate about depending on the day. With all of that in mind I need to start creating a schedule and at least some semblance of a plan that I force myself to stick to – or accept that my writing is not as important as I like to think it is.

How do you deal with setting deadlines, and planning your writing or creative goals? I’d love to hear any tips that have helped you overcome similar struggles. Feel free to let me know either in the comments or contact me directly through the contact page or via email:

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