Happy Mother’s Day

woman carrying baby at beach during sunset

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

It’s mother’s day, and on this day I celebrate my children. The sweet ideas that they have, and for a little while I just stare at them and I can see the future. Or maybe many possible branches of the future.

In these moments of precognition I cry, and they ask me “Mommy, what’s wrong?”

Nothing is wrong. In fact, everything is exactly what it needs to be. In those moments I am reminded to take nothing for granted and to just bask in the joy that is youth, and immortality, and fearlessness. I can breathe in the lack of judgement, the open perspectives of children.

Today my son gave me a short story he wrote. The story was based on a memory he had from when he was little, and as he read this sweet fictionalized memory to me I was reminded of the real life moment that he was sharing. It was such a sweet gift, and it’s a journey he took me on with his imagination and it moved me so much I cried (again).

That’s something I am coming to terms with as I get older – the crying about things. I no longer worry that someone will think I am weak when I cry, because I know that in reality I am stronger because I am in touch with my emotions. I have two mothers to thank for that – one that made me ask the hard questions, how does that make you feel. And one that showed me through her own discovery that tears do not tear you down, they build you up.

I am glad that my foundation has given me something to build on top of. That this foundation from my own childhood has given me the ability to encourage my own children to reach for the stars, even if the stars that move them are the ones they draw on their own papers. It’s not my dreams they are reaching for, it’s theirs, and I am so very proud of them for taking those steps and little by little becoming the people they choose to be.

Mothers – celebrate your children, whatever form they come in. Today know that they are who they are in part because of the foundation you give them.

And then celebrate yourself, because they are who they are in part because of the foundation you give them.


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