A Social Media Introvert

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I see myself as what’s called an extroverted introvert. Essentially, I am the kind of person who can do the big crowd thing, talk with people, be high energy in public. But then I need absolutely no one outside of the immediate family around me for several days. In reality, this just means I’m an introvert. Although I’m not overly awkward socially – no more so than anyone is – and I actually like being around people, so people get confused when I say I am an introvert.

Everything I read says that as authors we are responsible for our own marketing and the best way to succeed in that is through social media – so it seemed like a necessary skill for me to educate myself in and about a year ago I started trying to understand social media. I maybe was a little late to the game, but where I earn my pay check at the regular nine-to-five makes it seem like I live under a rock, and I’ve become a dinosaur when it comes to online social networks.

Let’s just be clear on one thing though, social media is an introvert’s nightmare (regardless of what kind of introvert we’re talking about).

You have to be responsive at all times – no real down time when you’re building your social network. It intrudes on your down time. There is no recharging between the hustle and bustle of it all.

Okay. Melodrama aside. I let social media be in control – and that’s not how it should work. It is, however, easy to get swept up in the momentum – especially when there are people who make comments that might make you feel like you should participate more (peer pressure at its finest, ladies and gentlemen).


Those people can’t identify what the right amount of posting is for you anymore than you can tell them what the right amount of posts are for them.

Here’s the deal …

We live in a super interconnected world. This is fantastic for closing the gap towards understanding each other, and makes learning information so much easier (and faster). As long as you remember to fact check the sheer amount of knowledge potential available is alone enough to make it all worth it.

You just have to create boundaries – and enforce them.  AND KNOW THAT IT’S OKAY TO DO SO.

We should all support each other in this – with a supportive network think of the amount of empathy and proper interconnectedness we could build?

So, regardless of whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, a social media maven or a luddite, set up boundaries. Be choosy.

It’s okay.

I stand with you in your right to do so.

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