Because Learning is Always a Good Thing

There is no such thing as being done learning. You absolutely CANNOT educate yourself too much. Fact. There really should be no arguing with that statement (although thereĀ are those out there that will try). I believe that I… Read More

Get Your Head Back in the Clouds

Have you ever built a bookshelf? And about half way through the instructions you realize you have no idea where the part that corresponds with letter B1 goes? You track back through the previous several steps to see… Read More

Accepting the Call

Do you know what the most exciting thing about making a commitment is? It isn’t the fear of failure, or even the thought of success. It’s the acceptance of the challenge. Once you decide that you are indeed… Read More

Take My Pity Party Away

It’s high time I stopped feeling sorry for myself and making excuses. I am never going to achieve goals or catch up on missed opportunities by sobbing into my ice cream or playing the ostrich. TIME TO STOP… Read More