Take My Pity Party Away

shadow of person on water during daytime
Photo by Skitterphoto on Pexels.com

It’s high time I stopped feeling sorry for myself and making excuses. I am never going to achieve goals or catch up on missed opportunities by sobbing into my ice cream or playing the ostrich.


After last week’s post I spent some time soul searching – not climbing to the tallest peak of a mountain range in Tibet level soul searching, but enough to realize I needed some tough love. I realized it was time for me to stop making excuses, no matter how valid they might seem, and accept my part in holding myself back.

I am a writer because I write.

I am a writer because I write.

When I try to do other things the writing sucks at me, pulling at a corner of my soul until I return. It’s not the number of hours that confirm my dedication, it’s the follow through.

It’s not the falling off the horse that decides whether you should ride or not, it’s how many times you are willing to get back up and try again.

Miss writing a post? That stinks. Start the clock again next week.

Someone didn’t like your post (book, picture, design, etc. …)? Oh well. Keep at it for yourself, there will be others that do.

Receive unsolicited advice telling you not to quit your day job? Think about taking the leap anyway.

We never get ahead playing it safe.

If I had been waiting to have kids until I was ready I would never have had them.

And if I keep waiting to create until I am ready I may never create.

The secret to when will I be ready isn’t a certain time. It’s knowing that you’re never really ready. But you summon the courage to leap anyway.

It takes a leap of faith.

Faith in yourself.

Faith in your ability to get back up if you fail.

Faith that you DO deserve to succeed.

So it’s time for me to take that leap. What about you?