Accepting the Call

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Do you know what the most exciting thing about making a commitment is? It isn’t the fear of failure, or even the thought of success.

It’s the acceptance of the challenge.

Once you decide that you are indeed willing to do something all the should I or shouldn’t I fades away. It becomes a guarantee that you will do it, regardless of the obstacles.

It becomes the lighthouse, and your boat now knows how to get to shore no matter how choppy the waters before then may be leading up to that point.

You can now begin to identify what needs to be done, and the planning stage is where everything has possibility.

The commitment itself means hope.

When you make a commitment it makes change possible. Any change. All change. And no matter how big or small it gives way to:

New perspectives.

New outcomes.

New possibilities. 

I spent quite a while really standing on the precipice, unsure if I was ready to commit to a path that meant risk. Making this commitment meant committing to uncertainty.

Last week I shared with you all that I was ready to make a commitment to where I see my career moving. This week I wanted to share my excitement.

It’s been a tingling of anticipation this last week as I began to lay the groundwork for what comes ahead. I have lists and ideas. I have identified the sources to start with for establishing a writing career. I have thoughts on updating my business card and website to advertise this new offering.

I also have a lot of exciting thoughts about new things that I want to offer but haven’t seen anywhere else. New, like making the first step to commit, is a little scary. There isn’t an established baseline anywhere that helps be a guide post.

But I’m accepting this challenge as I’ve accepted the challenge to commit. I will forge ahead.

Because if I fail I just have to remember to get back up. Try again. Possibly fail again. Fail better next time.

And keep at it until I am failing so well that I can call it success.

So here’s to the joy of accepting the call and taking up the mantle as hero in your own creative journey, whatever yours may look like. We can forge ahead to what may be a brighter opportunity.

I’m excited about what the future holds.

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