I Create, Therefore I Am

close up photo of book pages

Photo by Ravi Kant on Pexels.com

I tell people all the time I’m a writer. My business card declares I’m a writer. My web page says I’m a writer. So there you have it. I’m a writer.

And yes, I’ve written some things. This blog, an article or two I’ve stashed on my web page, a short story I submitted to a contest (and then also stashed on my web page).

When asked what I write, though, I become a lost child. “Oh … Ummm … a little thing, not really much to talk about, really an immature little story.” All things I have said in the last couple of weeks.


Do you find yourself making excuses or becoming awkward when referencing your talent?

Do you fumble for words when your brain is screaming for you to instead climb to the tallest nearby structure and scream into the sky “I’m a creator! I create things! Amazing things! You should look at it!”

So this week I’ve been looking at ways that I can branch out more. Become more confident in what I do and how I introduce these skills to people.

For me this is looking at poetry open mic nights, or a short story contest. For other types of creative talents it might be submitting your photography portfolio to a company, or stand up comedy open mic nights. The list of creative endeavors and our options to showcase them are unlimited.


So why do we shy away so quickly?

Is it a long standing tradition of parents fearing that their less logical child will not succeed in life? That without a “real” career they will never find their footing to survive in the vast world ahead of them?

Today stand up and shake off their fear. Don’t own it. Instead own your confidence.

Be you.

Be amazing.

Be enough.


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