Welcome, Autumn

autumn autumn leaves branch bright

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

There is a certain romanticism that comes with the first day of Autumn. Many authors have written love letters to the season, or wistful notes to the end of the vibrancy of summer. What does the transition from hot summer nights to cold autumn days make you feel?

Do you create more when the weather cools and you’re drawn indoor? Or is it harder to focus with the days beginning to grow shorter?

Perhaps you find yourself drawn away from one genre to another? Perhaps the poetry of the season pulls out your lyrical nature? Or is the lure of NaNoWriMo teasing a novel from your songwriter’s fingertips?

Do you read more when it’s colder out, finding this the ideal time to take in the work of others?

Whatever your traditions or habits this time of year, remember that now is the time to harvest the seeds that were sown in the spring. I hope that your gardens, be they literal or figurative, are plentiful and take you well through the winter and into the next spring planting season.

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