Plans Have a Way of Changing

Ever experience that feeling when you sleep well into the middle of the day and wonder exactly where the time went? It’s been one of those days in this neck of the woods. Heck, one of those years… Read More

All You Have to do is Answer the Door

What does it feel like when opportunity knocks? Do you rise to accept the challenge, brazen and prepared for whatever the winds of change are blowing your way? Or does it feel more like your knees are knocking… Read More

When You Can’t Find the Words …

Oh, there they are. This week I had too many conflicting thoughts about what to write about. What do you do when that happens? When the words that feel natural might not create the right impression? When your… Read More

Preptober is in Full Swing

We are one full week into what is fondly called “Preptober” and this time last year I was drawing up a plan for NaNoWriMo. What is the plan for this year? Some of you might remember that after… Read More