When You Can’t Find the Words …

grayscale photo of rope on log

Photo by b. on Pexels.com

Oh, there they are.

This week I had too many conflicting thoughts about what to write about. What do you do when that happens? When the words that feel natural might not create the right impression? When your feelings may get in the way? When every single word you type comes out … wrong?

It’s complicated to try to navigate the tangled webs of the mind sometimes. You know, on some deep core level, the image of what you mean. Yet the words refuse to cooperate. Or maybe it isn’t the words, because the words themselves are always clear and concise. It’s the emotions that refuse to line themselves up into neat little boxes.

Ahhhh, it’s always the emotions.

Stubborn, hurt, prideful, sad, scared, excited, elated, nervous, ashamed, vicious … oh   round and round the emotions go. Where they stop no one knows.

And the many different situations you may find any combination of those emotions. Sometimes (scratch that, most of the time) taking the person feeling said emotion completely by surprise.

And yet … this is where being the adult sucks. Royally.

You have to overcome. You are supposed to be bigger than the emotion itself.

But what if you find that you just can’t?

Does that make you a bad person?

Does admitting, honestly, openly, how you personally feel really mean you are bad? How do you tell your children that honesty is always the best policy except in case a, or case b, and definitely not in case c … ?

This week’s Sunday night thoughts brought to you by the emotion confusion. The swirling feeling that comes along with trying to always do the right thing, even when you aren’t exactly sure what the right thing is.


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