Where Do You Find Your Muse?

Take a moment and consider what things we spend money on over and over again. And not the daily necessities. The things we don’t need, but are convinced we should spend that five, ten, or 15 dollars (or… Read More

Not Even My Great Aunt Brunhilde

I never could see any of the hidden pictures in the Magic Eye posters. Not a single one. And not for lack of trying. I tried every trick they tell you, plus some I made up on my… Read More

When Others Just Get Us

Conversations sometimes lead to the most interesting detours. I was talking with my son, also a writer, this evening. He is still in high school and navigating his own journey with the W’s of writing. The what and… Read More

When Optimism is Just Out of Reach

Being positive is kind of what I do. It’s a huge part of how I identify myself and how I keep putting one foot in front of the other. I joke that I’m a realist, or just a… Read More