Until Next Year …

blue round christmas ornament on snow

Photo by Negative Space on Pexels.com

Me: Say Goodbye, 2019.

2019: “Goodbye 2019.”

See what I did there [I’m winking, since you can’t see me as I type this post].

My calendar this morning reminded me that there are only “10 days until Christmas”. Which means that there are also only 17 days remaining until the lights go out on 2019 and come on for 2020. What kind of plans have you got for the new year? Are there any lessons learned from 2019 to carry with you?

I’m looking forward to a fresh start as well as seeing through some plans that I have been hatching during the second half of this year. Which seems like I just started working on yesterday.

And then I’m reminded of childhood, hearing the adults go on about how fast time flies. Some would say “Time flies when you’re having fun!” while others would complain about how fast the months go by now that they have kids/are over 21/insert some other arbitrary statement here. And I realize it’s true. Time flies so fast compared to when I was young when the days seemed to crawl by in spite of my wishing it would go faster.

With the speed of time in mind, I’m thinking about how many things I planned for this past year, how many got done, and how many other things got added to the list instead and which items fell off of that same list. That’s how things go.

Don’t sweat the small stuff. 

We have to remember to be flexible.

Plan the things you can, sure. But accept that the best laid plans might just go awry.

And know that that’s okay.

So take some time now to just be. Don’t fret over what you didn’t do. There are still tomorrows to make those tasks up.

Take a deep breath. Enjoy the moment – be it with family, or just by yourself in quiet retrospect – and step forward into whatever comes next.

I’m going to be stepping forward with you.

In the meantime, I’m taking off the rest of 2019. See you on the other side of mid-January.

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