Another Decade, Another Beginning

green leafed plant on sand

Photo by Engin Akyurt on

I took a month off from writing, from blogging, from social media. I used this time to step back and take a breath, and get perspective.

I looked at the stars, I read some cheesy books, binged a lot of television. I watched my kids do kid things. I tried to ignore the very scary things going on in the world. I made it a priority to say I love you and hug and kiss those that are very dear to me.

Whether you believe it’s the only go round, or that there are many times through, I realized that we only get so much time on this one, and I need to make sure I’m making the most of it. Because of that, I’m starting some new adventures this year. Over the next 56 days I’ll be sharing more of that, and what that journey will look like.

Not like I’m counting or anything.

As for right now, I want to share news about immediate changes.

This week I am starting a new blog schedule. The regular Sunday Night Thoughts will continue, as always, right on time. But I’m adding two additional posts to the week’s lineup. Wednesday and Friday evenings will start to be filled with new posts about all things creative.

I’m very excited, and hope that these new posts will help me reach the point where I can post nightly. A long term goal I’ve had in mind for awhile, and I feel like that is still a ways off, but the possibility is becoming real enough I feel like it’s only a matter of time before I can touch it … or read it.

In just shy of two months we will celebrate two years of this blog. I’m looking forward to all of what that means.


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