Friday I Learned …

Today I chewed on my pencil and surfed the internet.

Then made a snack.

I remembered I needed to pay some bills and after that I looked over at the web page and today was the Friday I learned that web pages need some TLC too. So I updated some things and then thought about watching paint dry. (Due to the lack of wet paint available, I opted for a little research instead.)

Which led me to learning that January 1st is Public Domain Day – the day when the list of things that will enter the Public Domain for the current year is released. If you’re looking to work with anything published in 1924 they are entering public domain this year (note, works published prior to 1924 entered the public domain January 1, 2019).

There is a lot of interesting things I learned about Public Domain, but I found myself a little carried away as I dug deeper and deeper into tidbits about the different countries public domain rules, and then realized that I’d never get it all organized in time for tonight’s post. Want to read more about it now? Check out the Public Domain Review 

Soooo … In lieu of that post, did you know that the term procrastination comes from the Latin terms “pro” and “crastinus”? Pro meaning forward, and crastinus meaning of tomorrow – combined to make the term “procrastinus”, and ultimately evolved to our modern procrastinate. (Information verified courtesy of Merriam Webster).

Next week? A rundown on Public Domain as translated through my brain.

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