A Little (lot?) Sunday Night Thought

So I’m taking a class. A couple of classes actually. Almost to the end of my (counts on fingers and toes) 13 year long journey to my Bachelor’s degree.

Hard to believe it’s almost here. When I started I was a young mother, and wasn’t really sure what I wanted to be when I grew up, aside from set an example that I felt was good enough to get the kids to do it much earlier than I did.

I dabbled with administration, I thought I’d work my way into management, spent some time in hospitality. I eventually fell (almost literally) into computer security. I was pretty good at it too. So good, I finished my Associate’s and took time off from school to focus on what I saw as my future career.

[Record scratch]

What’s that? I need to be technically savvy to keep surviving in the fast paced world of software hacks and database breeches. Hmmmm … well, now, that’s not what I thought I signed up for.

See, originally, when I stepped foot into the awe-inspiring career of security (and the kind that deals with computers) I was kind of under the impression I’d be doing a lot of reading. Like lots. And providing feedback.

Sure, it was technical documentation. And lots of it. But I was able to understand what the documents spoke to. I wasn’t writing them. And now. All these years later. I am.

And not just writing them. But creating the ideas that get you to the writing of the processes that tells someone how to do what it is our requirements tell us we have to do.

Sure, that makes perfect sense.


I like writing about things. Even technical things. When someone else provides the details. I don’t exactly do well having to come up with the details. I CAN do it.

I’m just NOT actually comfortable with any of that. I mentally hyperventilate into imaginary paper bags when I think about it.

So anyway … I got myself back into school studying something that had potential to be in line with my current comfort zone. And now I’m so close to the end I can taste it.

And as a result I’m doing more reading, which is what I love. And it’s helping inspire me to write more on this blog. And I’m working on the outline for my novel.

And I’m starting an awful lot of sentences with the word and …

Then we come back to my dreaded nemesis … Technology.

I want this blog to be as awesome as it can be … and I’m tweaking, and adjusting, and battling against my own incompetence when it comes to how the back end works. I think it’s turning out okay.

And then … now we’re coming to my thoughts from when I started this post … I goof up on one of the most important things about maintaining a good blog.

I don’t maintain my consistency.

Somehow, I just completely lost track of a day. And not even in any way that makes sense. I downright spaced a blog post on Friday night. I remembered the 100’s (yep, big time exaggeration here) of things I had to do earlier in the day and for the next day. But instead of writing my latest post on the newest day of my lineup I went to sleep.


So … although the technical side is important. And the researching side is important. It’s the consistent schedule and following through on the regular posts that matters.

Sooooo …. keep your eyes peeled for me to actually follow through next week.

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