Life is Cyclical That Way

Life has a funny way of repeating itself. In one moment you think you’re on a brand new roll and then … BAM! You realize you are caught in a loop.

Maybe that is the entire world.

If we pay close attention to history, as my great grandmother once said, we find that the people don’t change, just the clothes that they wear will change. G-G-Ma was a pretty smart lady so I’ve held that thought in my back pocket for a few decades now.

(Cool, I’m old enough to reference things in life in decades. Less cool, I am old enough to be able to reference things in terms of decades now.)

It’s strange to watch the cycles in terms of what is popular, especially given that every generation is sure that they were the ones to invent whatever the trend of the day is.

The internet for news? Try the newspaper. Cell phones? Alexander Graham Bell did it first. Social Media? It was AOL chat rooms and emails and online live journals before the point where people could thumbs up or thumbs down a post. In reality, it really has all been done before.

Why? Heather’s opinion? Because at the end of the day I think that as a species we are creatures of habit. Even if we decide that we want to try something new, we like to make sure someone else is either already interested or has already done it.

The Bare Naked Ladies said it best … “It’s all been done before.”

So perhaps it’s less important to try to be the ones to do things first, or to worry about how many people got there first, and instead try to consider how to do it right.



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