We’re Not Gonna Take It

It’s been a scary couple of weeks.

Not the kind of first line you’d expect from a self-proclaimed optimist’s usually sunny cram the positivity down your throat kind of blog.

But I do try to temper my sickly sweet optimism with a healthy dose of realism. And it has been scary. The kind of scary we usually turn to Hollywood for. And it’s been so easy to wallow in the scary. To let the fear slam against us like waves from the ocean when the tide is coming in.

I drove to work yesterday, one of my last two days before I become self-employed. I work again tomorrow. I would much prefer to be cooped up at home with my children, avoiding the outside world. Waiting for the shadow of what is happening to pass over us and hope we aren’t noticed. But that wasn’t in the cards. And on my way in I listened to Twisted Sister’s “We’re Not Gonna Take It” because that always pumps me up. It didn’t succeed yesterday.

Yesterday I almost had to pull over because I was starting to sob. Because it’s so hard to fight what we can’t see, what we can’t touch, what we don’t understand.

And there it is. We always fear what we don’t understand. And at the very core of our nature as a species we panic when we become afraid. Like horses in a barn when it’s on fire. We don’t make the right choices.

We do silly things like buy all the toilet paper because we don’t know when we will be able to do that again. And it’s something we can control.

Some people use other people’s fears to profit. They buy all of the hand sanitizer and mark up the prices for those that didn’t think to buy it earlier.

But. Buuuuut. If we take a deep breath. And we look around us, we can see the beautiful resilience of our communities. The people who are reaching out to help. Those that put their own needs on hold and offer their homes as child care so that those who can’t take the time to be home can still work. The people that are offering to go to the store for the people who can’t afford to get sick.

The world isn’t ending. It might feel like it is, because it’s a little too close to something we might see on T.V. But it isn’t.

Take a deep breath.

Turn off the news. Stop scrolling through social media for the latest death tolls.

Don’t let the reports of what the grocery store has run out of make you fear that tomorrow won’t be okay.

We’re a resilient species when we turn the fear off. We support each other. We hold each other up.

Together we make a mighty roar.

So for now. While you’re home, letting this shadow pass, remember to wash your hands to the tune of “Never Gonna Give You Up” (yes, I Rick Rolled myself doing this already), read all the back log of to be read books you promised yourself you’d read if you ever found the time, and maybe binge watch really really bad old t.v. shows.

And remember to stay positive.

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