Meet Necessity, the Mother of Invention

My mom used to call things interesting. Only interesting never meant interesting. It varied, but it was always a negative comment on whatever she called interesting.

For example, the salmon dish dad made was interesting (this one in particular was called salmon surprise, and all of the ingredients except for the salmon were always a surprise). She’d poke it around the plate with her fork, nibble on a couple bites, and if dad dared ask how it was she’d nail him with one of those looks and say “interesting”. Everyone’s mom had a look like that. The look that says it was stupid of you to ask, you know it was stupid to ask, yet you asked anyway, and I want to really let you have my opinion, but I’m saving that for later …

Well. 2020 has been an interesting year.

And it’s only just the beginning.

[Quick! Knock on wood, if you’re into that sort of thing.]

I planned this year to be the year I started to work for myself. I planned to step away from my career of the last 16 years and branch into something new. I had planned a rather large cushion into that. And I had figured I’d be taking the long and winding scenic route.

Then the world paused. And for the last week I paused with it.

It’s time to hit play on what we can control. One more week of spring break with the family. Then the world will start to thrum back to life, just a tiny bit.

I’m kicking my plans back into gear.

The kids will be doing the online school at home program – not because I am concerned about them losing the knowledge or being behind, but because that is what their school district is doing to keep the year going.

And because all of that makes life a little bit more normal.

Whatever the normal will be, we’ll take it one day at a time.

And probably come up with some really cool new ways of doing life.

Because necessity is the mother of invention.








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