Finding Our Balance

I have to admit I’ve spent some time trying to get centered again. It’s been slow.

I slapped myself into gear today, made myself get dressed, and I tried a new recipe.

Then I jotted some notes on my outline and ignored the news. It’s amazing what not looking at the news can do for the soul.

The kiddos start online school this week so we’re getting them set up – as a result it’s getting me set up too.

I like to feel like I have a purpose. That there is a defined goal to accomplish. Funny thing is I let myself forget I have a defined goal right there in front of me. And it’s maybe a little harder to check off the to do list – but it still needs doing.

With the world off balance it’s been hard to remember that I still have to keep moving forward. One foot in front of the other. Repeat.

So here’s to turning off the news and letting ourselves breathe a little easier for a moment or two.

I am still finding my exact balance, but in the meantime check out this flash fiction I submitted to a Writer’s Digest contest back in the fall.

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