April, the Month to Let Your Heart Sing

macro photography of grass with water dew

Photo by Elias Tigiser on Pexels.com

Welcome to April!

It’s been a crazy year already, only 3 months in. Spring is here, and it’s been beautiful outside, though I have to admit I don’t go out much. Not even into my own back yard. Not really sure why, my porch is more than 6 feet away from my neighbors (much more).

Maybe I’m worried if I go out it will be so much harder to come back in.

Instead I am like a cat, laying in sunbeams by the door, watching the motion of birds flying by or the shift of the bushes outside the window. If I had a tail it would be twitching in excitement at what I cannot see.

Speaking of April. Did you know that April is National Poetry Month?

I don’t write a lot of poetry … well, not consistently anyway. I might write a series of poetry in a day and then not consider writing another poem for months. It is the one area of writing that I allow to be driven by the muse. It is emotionally driven for me, entirely free verse, and not marching to the beat of any form, rule, or reason.

It’s where I allow the chaos to reign. No sense of order gets to have a place in my poetry. If I were to try to describe my poetry I would say that it’s like the ocean, wild and tempestuous one moment, and calm and soothing the next.

That’s not to say my way is the only way, or even the “right” way. I believe poetry is right no matter what, not everyone has to read all poetry. I prefer poetry that doesn’t get too caught up in a rhyme scheme, but for some that’s exactly what draws them in.

What kind of poetry speaks to you? Do you have a favorite poet?

Each state has a Poet Laureate, my state (Colorado) selected the new person to hold this role for the next 4 years in July 2019 – Bobby LeFabre.

The new United States Poet Laureate was also selected in the summer of 2019 – Joy Harjo.

What I find so interesting about the fact that we continue to have Poet Laureates today is that it shows that poetry isn’t an outdated concept. It continues to be something we look to when we are down, when we need to express ourselves, or to be assured that we are not alone.

Whatever song your heart needs to sing, someone out there is beating the drum to keep the rhythm with you.

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