A Kind of Holiday Weekend Status Update

It is hard to believe that it’s Memorial Day weekend already. Seems like just yesterday I was trying to figure out how to explain virtual schooling for the kids as they were returning from spring break, and now it’s summer break. I was wondering just where all the days have gone and realize that it’s been well spent.

I have had the privilege of spending extra time with my family, getting extra household projects done, I’m able to put extra focus into some business ideas. I have also managed to learn some new skills and even avoid other projects like pulling weeds (which the neighbors would probably like me to remember still needs done – they’re being sweet and not saying a thing … or maybe they are just avoiding any close conversations … I like to think they are just being nice 😉 only a matter of choosing the right perspective to make it true).

This week has been a whirlwind of homey activity – baking, thinking about writing, picking up the kid’s things from the school, and lots of reading. I have a mountain of cardboard in the corner of my dining room from things we have ordered – but I am pleased to say that the cardboard is going to get put to good use with a home project that I am very excited about. Temporary walls for our loft – here’s hoping it goes well, it would be nice to see the space get put to good use and maybe it will help provide some ideas for other spaces in the house that feel under utilized.

Next week the husband and I have made a pact – 2 hours per day on artistic endeavors and 2 hours per day on putting our online business together and hopefully have that unveiled come August 1st, wish us luck!

Also I bought a planner to fill with all of these activities and help me feel more organized and less overwhelmed – which I’m hoping means will get me back on track with all the posts, stories I want to write, and where the time needs to be spent.

In the meantime we have lots to keep us busy. Have a fantastic Memorial Day weekend with your loved ones.




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