About Me

Hello there and thanks for coming by!

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I am an eternal optimist that loves what words can do to bring people together.

I live with at least a thousand people running around in my brain that are waiting for a chance to have their story told.

I like to create fictional characters as well as write about the ones that we can reach out and touch.

Mysteries and legends, superheroes and villains, love and hate, fear and strength, life and death – all the sides of the same coin capture my attention and I want to run amok with it.

I love to talk and write and listen and read. Hiking and swimming, watching the stars and feeling the sun on my face, hearing the children squeal at the park and watching the elderly embrace life. It’s all worth seeing, every moment, and I want to capture it on paper every chance I can and share that with anyone willing to sit still long enough to listen (or in this case read).

I love music, even if I can’t remember the name of the artist or remember a beat, I love the way that music makes me feel.


And once you get me talking it is very hard to get me to stop, so …



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Pictures by DZSO Photo (@dzso.photo on FaceBook)