About Me

Hello there!

Wordie – n. A lover of words and all things word related. (Thanks Merriam-Webster)

I write fiction and non-fiction, read other people’s fiction and non-fiction, and provide inputs as requested.

I spent fifteen years working on corporate documents from training plans to system plans and all the administrative documents in between and realized somewhere along the way that I wanted to be able to provide my insight on the written word to those that needed it. After all technical writers are easily found in the corporate world – maybe I could even be put to better use with those companies that might like a more personal touch.

After founding my own blog 2 years ago I wanted to dive a little deeper into what that personal touch could be – focusing on widening my area of expertise beyond strictly corporate training and system plans.

From book reviews to opinion pieces, short stories to a month long series about NaNoWriMo and articles on Medium I have come to enjoy a broader range of topics – though I do find that technical writing is a bit like riding a bike, once you learn the skill you never really lose it.

Just looking for something to read? Check out my blog or portfolio. Looking for someone to help out in specific roles? Make sure to stop by my Work With Me page.

Thanks for coming by!