Sometimes we need to go off the beaten path and try new things. Here you will find more of my articles and pages that don’t necessarily relate to reading and writing but that I wanted to be able to share.

Thoughts on Technology and Today’s Music

Downloading Music – Whether Legally or Illegally – Technology Says It’s Time to Say Good Bye to the Big Label Mindset Downloading of music on the internet has been a large topic of debate since the Napster controversy in 1999. Large companies and artists lose money due to illegal downloads, listeners get frustrated over rising […]

Strange Pair, a short story

[Short story I submitted to the Writer’s Digest Popular Fiction Short Story Competition in September 2018.] Grabbing my jacket, I threw myself out the door and took the steps at a half gallop, half stumble down and almost tripped over my landlady, Mrs. Coppercroft, in the process. She reached out for me, smiling as she […]

Gray Scale

745am. In a five-foot cubicle stark white walls bounced light back and forth from one wall to another, broken only by the small desk exactly in the center of the room.   A small gray desk with a flat gray monitor and a narrow gray chair filled with a small gray man. Well, rather, a small […]

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