Friday I Learned …

This week … a Friday I Learned poem.

Today it snowed. A lot.

And while we weren’t stuck at home due to the weather it still felt stifling.

Tensions flared.

And I learned how to say sorry.

And how to accept an apology.

Because no matter how much we try, no one is perfect. Sometimes we will get angry.

Or say the wrong thing.

And when that happens we have to show our loved ones that we can come back from it.

So today, I took a deep breath.

And admitted I was wrong.

I said, “I’m sorry I yelled.”

And then they said they were sorry too. We could all be more patient.

We can all learn to be more understanding. More giving. Learn to show more empathy to others.

Hardships today doesn’t stop us from making tomorrow a better day.

When those tensions flare, take a deep breath, center your mind.

Tomorrow is a new day.

When the sun comes up you can try again. And again.

And again.