Expressing Ourselves in a New Way

Repost – the original post was written May 20, 2018 as When You Just Can’t Figure Out How to Express Yourself

Finding a way to express ourselves can sometimes be incredibly difficult. Verbal, nonverbal, written – all the ways we have to communicate seem somehow limiting when we find ourselves unable to string together the thoughts that maybe even we are missing. My son put it succinctly when he said it’s like trying to explain what color is to someone. Color is, well, color.

Words are amazing, they are this fantastic way to remove confusion in our communication, but if you don’t know what you want to say they can’t help bridge that gap. Even this blog, when I don’t plan each week’s posts out in advance, can be incredibly difficult. And let’s be clear, planning my blog posts is not something I have mastered, or even find myself wanting to completely master. With regards to my blog I like to fly by the seat of my pants from week to week, and while this usually works for me it’s sometimes added stress because I am sitting here on Sunday evenings wondering why I didn’t just plan this out sooner. I know, once it’s all said and done and I’ve published my blog for the week, that the reason I don’t plan them out completely is because I like to look back on the past week and use some of the biggest inputs from the week to inform my post.

With all of this in mind, it’s important to understand we all find moments where expressing ourselves becomes difficult. We may find our minds wandering, or our fingers creating a meandering path across the keyboard that maybe makes a little less sense when translated to the page, but that doesn’t mean that after walking away and coming back with a fresh perspective we can’t find our way back to the original path, and sometimes even finding that the new path we have set ourselves on is better than the one we started on.

Maybe the way to think about expression is that your words are your moment to define what color means to you – after all, is it pink or fuchsia? Different perspectives see things differently, and I, for one, am always open to a new perspective.